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Deal or No Deal
Deal or No Deal £250,000 winner Laura 07/01/07
Laura Becomes the UK's Deal or No Deal
First £250,000 Winner

Laura - Deal or No Deal £250,000 winnerLaura - Deal or No Deal £250,000 winner
Laura - Deal or No Deal £250,000 winnerLaura - Deal or No Deal £250,000 winner
Laura - Deal or No Deal £250,000 winnerLaura - Deal or No Deal £250,000 winner
Laura - Deal or No Deal £250,000 winnerLaura - Deal or No Deal £250,000 winner


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Game Stats for Laura 07/01/07

Below you will find a complete game breakdown for above game of Deal or No Deal.

Round 1

Box No.
Bankers offer
No Deal

Round 2

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 3

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 4

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 5

Box No.
Bankers Offers
No Deal

Round 6

Box No.
Bankers Offers
NO Deal  

Contestants Box


Laura becomes the shows first £250,000 winner  
Remaining box - 22
Laura takes home

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Laura's Game Report

Noel introduces today's show in one of his louder shirts and expects a battle with the banker today as he is in fighting mood for 2007. Noel talks about the two shows where courage wasn't rewarded this week and also the two systems that didn't perform, he wonders what today's contestant will bring to the show.

It's Laura's turn to take the walk of wealth today and she does so with box 6,
Noel says it's been a long wait and it's 27 shows for her (This doesn't seem to be right and it's more like 22 shows!! Good old Noel with his stats!!). We hear that Laura is a big spender and bought two guinea pigs and two rabbits, but one of the guinea pigs died two weeks ago! Laura shows a pic of her dressed as a bunny girl and we also learn that fellow contestant Julie was a bunny girl in real life.

Noel asks if Laura has a financial target that she would be happy to write in the book, she does and writes it in the book as Noel pushes the poor cameraman halfway across the studio.

Round 1
7 - £1 Big cheers for the first blue
16 - £10
3 - £1,000
Gabrielle next and she gives Laura a good luck feather from her slipper. Noel asks if she has any other items of clothing that has feathers!!
1 - £10,000
9 - £100,000

Laura says she is feeling positive today. The banker offers a tiny floral tribute for Laura's dead pet guinea pig as part of the offer! He then offers £2,000 which receives groans until it is revealed that it is £2,000 for each of her remaining living pets, so the total offer is £6,000. Laura thanks the banker for the generous offer but it's NO DEAL.

Round 2
5 - £500 Big cheers for another blue
21 - £75,000 groans for another of the power 5
It's Julie's box next but Noel wants to learn more about her revelations that she was a bunny girl; Julie says she is playboy’s world smallest bunny girl and did a photo shoot for them. Noel jokes that the banker will now be going through his loft looking through his collection of magazines!!
19 - £50

It's not perfect, it's not ideal, but it isn’t bad says Noel. The banker says HELLLLOOO Julie! Noel asks Julie if she can do the bunny girl dip thing, she can and demonstrates it to Noel, Noel asks Bunney if he can do it! He gives it a go and performs a comical version! The banker offers £11,000, Craig and Ryan say it's a nice offer but to carry on. Laura says NO DEAL.

Round 3
2 - £20,000 mixed reactions for that one
4 - £35,000 groans for that one
8 - £15,000 more groans

What a round says Noel, the whole game has changed now, although he says the £250,000 is still there with £50,000 as a fallback, Laura remains positive with the high value still in play. The banker says that round cheered him up, he recommends that Laura avoids further tragedy and takes his next offer of
£8,500. Laura says it's a good offer with that last round, Noel says there are still lots of values to hit below £5,000, but it depends now on Laura's ambitions now, Laura wants some advice from her friend in the audience, she tells Laura that she knows her figure she was aiming for, but the £8,500 is a big amount. Laura says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Newbie Andrew gets introduced and we are told he is blind and is being helped by his fellow contestants whilst on the wings.
10 - 50p Cheers for the blue
15 - £250 More cheers
Noel builds up the tension about the £250,000 being on the table a lot recently and will Laura have the courage to play on if it remains after this round.
12 - £5

Laura gets the all blue round she really needed there, Noel agrees. The banker reminds Noel about Debbie who went at £15,000 when she had the £250,000 and how he had a massive victory in her game, the banker is giving Laura the chance to go one better and leave for £14,999! The banker does the offer to give Laura the chance to go in the hall of fame as the worst deal ever if she takes it and has the £250,000. Laura goes to Dennis for advice, he says it's a tough one but there is one more round in the game. Laura's friend says it's a lot of money and nearly a years wages and she could do a lot with it, Noel says did you really come along to just get £14,000. She gets more advice that the board is good and there is still a lot more money in the game. Laura says NO DEAL

Round 5
18 - £100 BIG cheers for the blue
13 - 1p Bigger cheers for the 1p
20 - £50,000 Groans as another power 5 goes and the studio falls silent

Noel says that if Laura thought the last decision was difficult that last box will have made this one more so. The banker thinks the £50,000 going has saved him a lot of money, he offers £19,999. Noel asks if the banker has made it easy or difficult now. Laura says he's made it difficult now, Noel goes to Laura's friend and she says it's all or nothing now and it's a huge gamble. Nichola advises her to deal as does Dennis, Sarah gets a feeling that Laura has the £250,000 in her box. Noel starts to talk about how many times the £250,000 has been on the table recently and how Sarah has been right with her feelings in the past. Laura says she is feeling positive and lucky. Noel advises Laura to think carefully as this is a dangerous situation with the board, Laura says NO DEAL. That decision gets a tremendous reaction in the studio.

Round 6
17 - 10p BIG cheers for the blue
11 - £5,000 Cheers for that one
Noel builds up the tension on this last box...
14 - £750 Big cheers and even shouts of YES YES YES from Noel

It's time for the banker with £250,000 and £3,000 remaining.

Noel congratulates Laura on grabbing the moment and getting to this position, he says the banker will be very worried now and Laura now has the chance to make history for the show, he says this next offer is going to give her massive problems. Noel wonders where the banker is going to go as there is not a big back up with only £3,000, but Laura has had the courage to play on despite receiving advice to deal. Noel answers the phone and says Welcome to your nightmare, the banker offers £45,000.

There is total shock at that offer around the whole studio, Sarah shouts out the £250,000 is on your box. Noel says the banker thinks that Laura doesn't have the courage to play on. Laura goes to Craig who says he was expecting a bigger offer there, as Laura was brave enough to play on after the last offer. Noel says he really wants to open the box and reveal the £250,000 but he doesn't want to influence her decision, he says that £45,000 is 'Chunky Money' in anyone’s book. Laura goes for a sweep and it's a mix of opinions - Well that's helped says Noel.

Laura says this is so hard but she is ready... Laura says NO DEAL.

The whole studio erupts at that decision. Noel gives Laura a big hug for her courage and says she is one heck of a gutsy lady. The banker calls back and offers Laura the chance to swap her box with the remaining box. Laura says that her dad is the most important person in her life and 6 is his birthday, so she is not going to swap.

Noel opens Laura's box 6 and reveals £250,000

We get confetti raining from the roof as the whole studio goes wild and Noel throws the box into the air, all the contestants mob Laura as they celebrate her incredible win. Noel looks on at the celebrations and looks very emotional at the result, he says he is really choked up at the result and we learn that the ring that Laura has been kissing throughout the show was her late mother's wedding ring. Sarah gets a mention for her prediction.

Box 22 contains the £3,000

Laura tells Noel to show us the target which is £20,000!! Noel says how brave to go on at £19,999 and £45,000 with that in mind.

Noel allows Laura to keep box 6 with the £250,000 as she created history today.


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Deal or No Deal Online Game - Play Deal or No Deal Online Games Now

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