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Deal or No Deal Fansite and Forum: Welcome to DOND, the home of Deal or No Deal fans.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 7:21 pm    Author: kestral    Post subject: Warning system explained
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The forum runs an automatic warning/ban system for breaches of the site rules. Below are frequently questions to help explain the system and how it works

Why would I be issued with a warning?
If you post something that is against the rules defined within the terms and conditions or the rules section of the site we will issue a warning.

How are warnings issued?
Depending on the severity, we may only issue an informal warning within a thread publicly, or we may issue a formal warning via the warnings system. If you receive an official warning you will receive a notification sent to your registered email address.

Why don't you just email me personally?
With the large number of registered members on the forums, the warnings system allows us to treat all members fairly, ensuring that we are able to remember who we've warned and what we warned them about.

Is there a limit to the number of warnings I can receive?
The system is set up to automatically issue a 7 day ban if/when you reach 3 warnings. At this point your account is locked for 7 days and you will not be able to login to the site using your account. If you try to login you will be denied access and informed when your temporary ban is lifted. Although the automatic system is in place, we still reserve the right to issue a ban immediately if the situation warrants it.

Do the warnings last for ever?
No, each warning is automatically removed from your account after 7 days.

I've received a warning for something I've seen discussed by others, why me and not them?
We treat all members equally and fairly. Whilst we do our best, we cannot possibly read every post on the forums. There is a post report facility on each post if you see anything that you think is unsuitable and needs the attention of a forum moderator/admin. Monkey-see, monkey-do is not a defense for breaking the rules.

I disagree with a warning that has been issued, what should I do?
Firstly do not post about your complaint or try and start a discussion about your warning on the forum, any such posts will be removed. Contact us to discuss the matter via the PM system or email, full contact details for the moderation team and admin can be found by CLICKING HERE

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