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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 5:56 pm    Author: Rob    Post subject:
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Christ, two players I loved and they had trainwreck games....
One good thing came out of todays's game though...

I FOUND OUT PETE'S AGE!!!! Same age as Me bwahahaa.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 2:15 pm    Author: croftrock    Post subject:

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I just watched this game on Skyplus and am very interested in the debate it has caused here.

The smart things said here that I agree with the fact games like this prove they don't know what's in the boxes. It's painful, unrewarding TV. Utterly implausible they would do it purposefully. They clearly hope for a turnaround which are great finales (eg Hannah, Gabrielle etc etc). And if it doesn't work out at least failure gets people wanting "revenge" or similar and players take all offers seriously.

Offering dealable offers on such a weak board though would be far, far worse. That would guarantee a bad, boring game with no upside and long term it would guarantee less exciting shows. People don't like early deals; end of.

The offers are currently bang on. Big boards are offered gambles that you think "go on - go for it" at home. That's how it should be. They can't really on "my god I can't believe it" no deals. Everyone would have to be crazy gamblers and we've seen how frustrating that it as you hate the players for their endless stupidity. Low boards are now forced to the end in the hope of a turnaround. That's the best way to play if you don't know what's in the boxes. The idea it's "contemptous" of the player is really laughable. It's a gameshow, free money and fun - if you have bad luck with the boxes; tough. Why should people with bad luck be treated as charity cases? Claire had no dealable offers because there was no need for the banker to offer any. Why guarantee a dull £2000 win by making a big offer on that weak board. Better to offer £900 and hope she's got a big number in her box.

Honestly, I think people here forget that ultimately the banker is a producer who wants good tv. He doesn't really care how much it costs him. As such, I reckon they do a top job of looking mean.

The UK deal is the hardest version in the world because it's on every day and incredibly visible for the channel. It should have died by now but they are actually keeping a huge share up. They are doing it by playing the production percentages very well when they clearly have no control AT ALL over how a game plays out.



PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 2:49 pm    Author: alexandercbrown    Post subject:

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I do agree with what a lot of what u have said croftrock. I think it's good that they've been readjusting the offers as they were too high from February through to April.

However giving someone no decisions to make all game and almost forcing them to win the box is silly.

I mean you can't agree that Rossano's game was as exciting as Chantelle's where the banker tried to buy the box.

Of course people deserve what the board warrants as it is just luck but in Claire's game the 4th and 5th box offers should have been 2K because that is what the board warranted. They would have still been relatively low offers but if she'd turned them down and crashed fair enough, it would have been more of a gamble.

mac for instance had a similar game but he was offered 2.5K at 8 box
with the exact same board, he then turned down 4.8K and also won £100.
That's fair enough, the banker tried to buy the box but the offers were refused anyway.

the point I'm making is low offers are fine just not stupidly low.
The excitement IMO comes from when a tricky well pitched offer is turned down.



PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 3:01 pm    Author: James1978    Post subject:

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1p Sally also had the same 8 box board as Claire (20k, 15k, 6 blues), and was offered £1,829, which I believe were fair for the baord (and Mac's £2,500 too) - they were no-dealt, so it's actually very difficult to offer something dealable on that board. At least they both had decisions to make, unlike Claire who just had to go on regardless!

Croftrock does have a good point - if Hannah had had a reasonable final offer like £3,500, she'd never have taken that last gamble, which made that game one of the best ever, and made 10k feel like about 50k! :)


"22 identical sealed boxes, and no questions except a poor deal for an easy few thousand or be brave and win a blue!"

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