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Joe Capitano

PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:27 am    Author: Joe Capitano    Post subject: Daily DOND USA: Game 201 - A Penny In Your Pumpkin

Joined: Fri Jan 12, 2007 5:52 am
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It's "Halloween Week" bankrolled by Mars, Inc. Yes, one week sooner than it should be, but then stores have been selling Halloweeny candy since the end of July. While Howie is Howie, the Ladies are dressed for the occasion - Patricia's an angel, Tameka is the Devil. All of the players are also in costume with cases bearing every brand of candy Mars makes in the USA (Personal faves: Snickers and Peanut Butter Twix).

Cherise Matthews, a fitness instructor from San Juan Capistrano, CA by day - a Savage Warrior by Halloween night, gets the nod in the first game. Ironically, the pre-show draw put her on Case #13. She chooses to decline the Swap. And so it begins...

ROUND 1: Bad start. The Power Block gets weakened instantly. 9 (Bill the Convict) has $75K, 22 (Sean the Prince) has $25K, but 12 (Scott the Vampire) sucks the blood out of the Big One - $500K. 18 (Laura the Princess) gets us back on track with $1, and 16 (Ann the Bee) shows us $2500.

After 5 picks, $425,090.01 remains on the board, for a Board Average of $25,005. The Banker is liking this a lot. Feeling rather "generous" in his own twisted way, he decides to play with Cherise. First Offer: 50 bucks.

ROUND 2: Better. Cherise eliminates 1 (James the Spider) with $10K, then three from the left - 19 (Eric of the Jungle) with 400, 17 (Jason the Grim Reaper) with 50, and 15 (Pam the Surgeon) with 500. 10 (Audrey the Fairy) takes us to the top right corner, knocking out the thousand.

After 10 picks, $413,140.01 left, $34,428 average. Banker Boy can't hold back now. Second Offer: $19,000 (55.2% of the board average).

ROUND 3: Worst possible start. 14 (Tony the Arabian Knight) holds $250K. 8 (Jessica the Queen) brings us some hope with only $5, then 5 (Dan the Greaser) shows 200, and 2 (Beth the Flapper) 7,500.

After 14 picks, $155,435.01 left, $19,429 average. Banker Boy wonders if Cherise is a Warrior...or a Wuss (his words, not mine). Third Offer: down to $12,000 (61.8%).

ROUND 4: Only two biggies left in the Power Block. 6 (Katina the Hippie) with $5K and 20 (Eddie the Knight) with 25 don't have them. We're still in business, and Cherise proves she's no Wuss.

After 16 picks: $150,410.01 left, $25,068 average. Offer goes up. Fourth Offer: $21,000 (83.8%).

ROUND 5: Trouble. 4 (Shawn the Motley Fool) shows us the $100K. It's now a One Case Game - but 7 (Tye the Black Cat) gets picked. Sure enough, the cat is bad luck, and Boom goes the Landmine. She had the $50K. The best Cherise can do now is $300.

After 18 picks: $410.01 left, $103 average. Fifth Offer: the original $50 (48.4%). Cherise decides to boldly play on.

ROUND 6: 21 (Stephen - not sure what he is) shows us $100. Sixth Offer: $100 (66.7%). No deal.

ROUND 7: The final pick of the game is 3 (Zohra - not sure what she is) with $10.

$300 and the Penny left in play. Final Offer - and it's either this or the case: $150 (100% of the average).

FINAL REVEAL: Cherise decides to go all the way. Her case contains....ONE PENNY. She's now the first official member of the Daily DOND One Penny Club, USA Division. 11 (William the Ninja) held $300.

The Warrior has been vanquished.

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