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Dr. Hindsight

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 4:15 am    Author: Dr. Hindsight    Post subject: Le Banquier 15/01/17

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O Lord, who art thou in heaven, I come before you on this January evening to deliver an offering of risk and reward, with just the right amount of sarcasm and wit. I pray that you will be satisfied with my offering, as the contestant on tonight’s episode of Le Banquier spent 15 years as a nun in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, fulfilling your wishes and living a spiritual life. And now, let us say, Amen.

Oh, hi there. Didn’t see you come in. It’s not every day that you’ll see a Jewish person write something like that, but hey, stranger things have been known to happen. Yes, our contestant, 37-year-old Geneviève Côté, is a former nun, and she’s here tonight to win enough money to get a new apartment, along with a new wardrobe.

HOLY BOATS, THE MODELS ARE BACK. Julie kept them locked away as her celebrity friends opened the cases. It’s rare to see Les Beautés (20 women and 6 men) on the stage these says, so this is a special treat for the viewers. I honestly had no idea what happened to them.

Before we begin our spiritual quest for cash and prizes in the Church of Le Banquier, Julie informs Geneviève of a side game. Three of the cases contain keys, one of which starts a brand-new Nissan Sponsor Prize... I mean, Sentra worth $27,972. If Geneviève finds the key that starts the car, she wins it.

But Monsieur Le Banquier, of course, is rooting against the contestant, hoping that she wins "nun" of that ;).

Geneviève then picks case 1, and we’re off and running.

Round 1
[9] - $500,000 - I guess the good Lord was dissatisfied with my prayer. Whoops.
[26] - $175,000
[12] - $5,000
[15] - $150,000
[19] - Sunwing | $5 - Geneviève wins a trip for four to Aruba worth $8,000.
[2] - $50

Tough opening round, which means a low offer is on its way.



Geneviève thinks she can do better, and promptly says REFUSÉE.

Round 2
[6] - $200
[8] - $100,000
[4] - $20
[21] - $200,000
[5] - $500 + Key - Geneviève tries the key, but it doesn’t start the Sentra.



Geneviève says REFUSÉE.

Round 3
[11] - $300,000
[22] - Vidéotron Mobile
Geneviève then mentions that she is a big fan of comedian François Pérusse. And of course, since this is Le Banquier, out comes the man himself, with signed copies of his comedy albums in tow. Who saw that coming :roll:? After several minutes of inane chatter and a commercial break, the case opening resumes.
[13] - $1,000
[20] - $0.01



Geneviève says REFUSÉE.

Round 4
[7] - $25,000 - Julie mentions that Élisabeth, the model holding this case, is the girlfriend of Toronto Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin. She offers our contestant a pair of tickets to see the Jays in action at a later date.
[23] - Surprise | $10 - Geneviève wins a complete wardrobe from Le Château, which includes jewellery and accessories, worth $7,500.
[16] - $300 + Key Geneviève tries the key, and it starts the car.



Geneviève says REFUSÉE.

Round 5
[3] - $400
[17] - $125,000

Had that last case been the $400,000, it would have been a complete disaster. The highest amount in play would have been the oddball $112,000 amount, and the offer would have dropped significantly. But since Geneviève managed to avoid the landmine, Monsieur Le Banqiuer rewards her with this:



Geneviève doesn’t waste much time making her decision. Realizing that the game could fall apart at any time, she decides to press the flashing button and say ACCEPTÉE.

$79,000 plus is secured, but of course, we need to find out if there was more money available in this game.

Round 6

[25] - $1



Round 7
[14] - $100 + Key



That seems a bit inflated, even for this show.

Geneviève’s next pick would have taken out the $400,000, and the proveout ends there. Case 1 had only $750 inside.

Our ex-nun finds salvation with a total of $132,472 in cash and stuff. Not a bad haul at all.

Next time, we explore the generation gap. Just how large has it gotten over the years? Find out next week. Until then, good night, and good deals.

Resident Canadian, former recapper of Le Banquier and current recapper of Deal USA 2.0.



PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:11 pm    Author: KP    Post subject: Re: Le Banquier 15/01/17
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Wow, they added yet another way to win something from just playing on.

Their commitment to their interpretation of the show is staggering. I have no idea if I like it or not, but it is staggering.

I can't stop laughing at how they bought back the models for the nun.

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