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American Coupon Boy

PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2014 12:31 am    Author: American Coupon Boy    Post subject: 2 Astonishing Games in a Row on Affari Tuoi
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For now I have decided to stop posting Affari Tuoi recaps as they are too time consuming at the moment. However, the last two days the show had 2 extraordinary games I wanted to post the link to: (yesterday’s game) (today's game)

I have some remarks about both of the games (which you shouldn't read if you don't want the result spoiled!):

Yesterday’s Game: That was basically the Italian version of £75k Kristy's game. After declining some mediocre offers throughout, the player managed to go completely against the odds and leave the Top 3 as last 3 amounts on the board. Doing that on the Italian board is a 1 in 1,140 chance. I remember that one player did it in the past and declined €250,000 only to hit that amount and Deal when the Banker offered it again (and miss out on the €500,000 in her box). But, like in Kristy's game, the Banker continued to be derisory despite the ridiculous strength of the board. I'm pretty sure no one on here would Deal €200,000 on a €100k/€500k finish. Sadly, it was clear once the game ended why the Banker was so cheap, and that's because he knew there was €100,000 in the box. As you could see, though, he wasn't at all disappointed with the result, as he still won a life-changing sum of money just for opening boxes.

Today's Game: For the 2nd game in a row the 1 in 114 chance of keeping 3 of the Power 5 to the end was hit again (a 1 in 12,996 chance!), only this time that wasn't the only notable part of the game. In all the games of Affari Tuoi I've seen, I've never seen €30,000 being the LOWEST amount on the board at 5 box (through Pacco X could arguably be worth less if you factor in utility). :shock: :smt103 The odds of doing that is 1 in 738. The resulting offer of €50,000 made me a bit mad as that offer screamed "I know €50,000 or less is in your box so I'm forcing you to win it!" The player was quite right to play on and once again was rewarded with the perfect round at the perfect time. The resulting offer of €75,000 almost had me fast-forward to the end as the Banker almost undoubtedly was going to force to win the €50,000 in his box, and the €250,000 going in the next box all but confirmed it. However, the Banker played the ultimate mind game of offering him the choice of an offer or a swap, and I immediately sighed when he wanted an offer. However, I was floored when the Banker decided to stick at €75,000. Thankfully the player didn't fall for the Banker's brilliantly executed mind games and won €100,000 from his box. :D :-D

I may the post links for other big games in the future, but for now I don't plan on commentating on Affari Tuoi again any time soon.

Miss Deal or No Deal? The US version returns in Fall 2018 with yours truly as a recapper.

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