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American Coupon Boy

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 1:24 pm    Author: American Coupon Boy    Post subject: Affari Tuoi 25.09.14
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Last time on Affari Tuoi we saw the biggest crash this season. Luigi turned down a 3 box offer of €75,000 with the €500k jackpot and two lower amounts in play, only to find to jackpot in his final selection and crash to a Deal of €2,500. Will today's player be affected by that?

Contestant: Ettore Sorgia with Box 13

2- CHITARRA (joke prize replacing €5)

5- €75,000

7- €100

Note: Only one player has won the Pachitos bonus so far this season. :(

4- €5,000


It is revealed to be worth €22,000 today. :?

6- CULURGIONES (joke prize replacing €0.01)



Another day, another inflated opening offer that I'd probably take.

Ettore says:


After loads of banter I couldn't understand a word of................

3- €0.20


He chooses the scroll that contains RADDOPPIA. :-D For the first time this season, the top prize is doubled to €1,000,000.

Note: To date, only one person has won €1,000,000 on this show, though another person won €500,000 by keeping the million to the final offer and dealing after negotiating that offer with the Banker.

A dance ensues. :roll:

10- €10

How in the world will the Banker respond to that round? The highest second offer I can recall on the show is €66,000 (which was dealt). Will the Banker top that?



That's the kind of uplift you'd expect after that round if the top prize wasn't doubled.

16- €1

15- €20,000

As Noel would say at this point, this box is worth tens of thousands of euros.


Needless to say, the Pachitos dance ensues.

How in the world will the Banker respond to this board? The highest 3rd offer I recall is €75,000, which the player dealt and subsequently has the bast possible twice to leave a €250,000/€1,000,000 finish with the €1,000,000 in her box. :shock:





With the standard 3 boxes to open, this certainly is not an easy decision.

Ettore says:


19- €30,000

20- €1,000,000 :(

There goes Ettore's shot at a million euros and/or a six figure 5 box offer. Nonetheless, he still has an excellent €250,000 board.

18- €50

Is it conceivable that the Banker will stick despite the €1,000,000 going?



Once again, Ettore has to open the standard 3 boxes of he goes on.

Ettore says:


He did not look confident with that decision. Will this be the 2nd huge crash in a row?

9- €250,000 :(

17- €50,000

He's one box away from replicating Luigi's crash yesterday.


And with that it's Banker Time..........



That would be my bail-out had I gone on at the first offer, once again proving that it's usually not worth declining over-inflated opening offers.

Ettore says:

Accetto :smt023

And with that Ettore guarantees himself a chunky sum of money, and he seems happy with it. But could he of had six figures?

As Ettore rambles on about something, Flavio opens Box 13 to reveal RASTRELLO. :D :lol:

Box 14 had €100,000.

Game summary:

Peak offer: €66,000
Box value: €0.50
Prize won: €39,000
Result: Technical Player Win

A tense big money game throughout, with a pretty good result in the end. Will tomorrow's game follow suit? Find out next time on Affari Tuoi.

Miss Deal or No Deal? The US version returns in Fall 2018 with yours truly as a recapper.

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