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What was the main thing that caused DoND to go downhill?
Too many gimmicks/artificial gameplay elements 20%  20%  [ 6 ]
Sob Stories 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Too much padding 10%  10%  [ 3 ]
The Banker becoming annoying 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Too much silly behaviour 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Cautious players / Variety thinning out 13%  13%  [ 4 ]
The show being fatigued by being run constantly between 2011 and 2013 3%  3%  [ 1 ]
Constant breaks for horse racing telecasts 3%  3%  [ 1 ]
It just peaked in it's early seasons and naturally got stale afterwards 41%  41%  [ 12 ]
Other 6%  6%  [ 2 ]
Total votes : 29
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:34 pm    Author: daniel123    Post subject: Re: What killed DoND?
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JT in particular I think knew how poor his offer was, from his facial expressions...but was too polite to say it. I agree re that pattern beginning around the time of Trevor; if he'd played four months earlier, he'd have been looking at £30,000 or £40,000 with four blues and the quarter-million, not a stick at £9,900. By later standards, £9,900 was generous...

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:48 am    Author: JamesJMH91    Post subject: Re: What killed DoND?

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One of the biggest things that lowered the appeal of DoND to me over the years was that after first 2 seasons (and the early stages of season 3 at least), which were generally played pretty straight without getting too sappy on a regular basis, the show started to change dramatically, as its concept suddenly switched from "Win as much money as you can and beat the banker" to "win a sum between £10k-£26k to fix your life problems", and they began choosing players with lowered expectations (consequently resulting in the banker's dramatic decline in offer "generosity" during 2008). Many players were highly sentimental, perhaps vulnerable and needing money in some cases

It got worse when the show's budget was reduced in 2010, meaning they were deliberately choosing players who were highly cautious due to desperately needing money and/or just too emotionally unstable to take big risks (e.g. players who used lame excuses like "I can't take anymore of this" for dealing early. Sue from October 2012 is a good example) , in order to save the show money, and it got to the stage where players became so cautious that some (such as £950 Dave and £700 Rosie) were willing to deal for as little as a few hundred quid with a chance of big money still available, and they could go for months on end without any large wins

The whole negativity thing was definitely a big turnoff too. Not only were players becoming more and more cautious as the show went on, but it got to the stage where it mostly just negative/cautious advice being given by the people on the wings (perhaps Noel and the player's friend/relative/spouse in the audience too). People would end up with a strong board mid-game and the wing contestants would just keep talking the game down by playing up the worst case scenario and how "generous" the offers were (when they were like 20% of the average if that :roll: ) to get the person in the chair to deal. Something that become more noticeable with the change to a 1 hour timeslot

By mid-2013, it got so bad that the vast majority of contestants couldn't bear the thought of even going on at 8-box, with literally half the wing contestants practically lecturing them into dealing by mid-game, ultimately resulting in box 23's introduction which at least enticed more people to play on in 2014

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:48 pm    Author: Davao    Post subject: Re: What killed DoND?

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By the time the Offer Button and 23 came the show already died, so it can't be blamed on that. I think that fun element was taken out of it and the unpredictability and thrills you had in the earlier seasons. I think it got stale as time went on because virtually everything was already accomplished so what else could they do with it? I also felt that DOND became tighter with money as time went on, as you saw less of big wins and things like it. It was always people taking the offer at 8 box or 5 box. There was no risk at all.

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