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PostPosted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:15 pm    Author: Davao    Post subject: What Would Have You Changed About The Show?

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If you was in charge of the show, what would you have changed?

For me I would have just kept it classic dond, with the 45 minute slots, no gimmicks only on the special shows. No Box 23 or Offer Button. More focus on gameplay rather than the contestant to be honest.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:45 am    Author: JamesJMH91    Post subject: Re: What Would Have You Changed About The Show?

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- Kept it at 45 minutes

- Less gimmicks (Keep most of them for themed weeks, and only use things like Banker's Gamble etc. sparingly on normal shows)

- Probably ditch the dress-ups for special weeks or at least tone it down as i hated not being to able recognise contestants under layered costumes and makeup

- Offer non-monetary prizes like cars, holidays, motorbikes or even joke prizes on special shows

- Keep a good mixture of contestants, but perhaps focus more on the gameplay rather than contestants, as i felt the show became less about the game itself and too much about the psychological element of the game, with the contestants' personal/sentimental reasons for wanting money becoming greatly favoured over the statistical game. Though i think the show's budget getting tighter was largely to blame for this - they seemed to mostly pick people who were emotionally vulnerable and those who perhaps needed money because of a burden such as kids, families, debts, being young and wanting to set themselves up for life, struggling to get by on a low-income existence etc. to save the show money as they were generally too emotionally and/or financially unstable to take risks, and were most likely to deal early and for a fairly modest sum of money. It helped DoND survive on a reduced budget, but caused the show to lose viewers, as you could go months on end without seeing any huge wins like you used to, and it became far too predictable and samey as people were always (well mostly) taking "safety first" 8-box or 5-box (sometimes 11-box) deals. I just felt DoND had become less of a statistical game and more like a “cash machine” for people wanting to pull out a sum ranging from a couple of grand to £26,000 to make their problems go away, as they were just taking the first offer of “good money” rather than actually playing the game statistically (plus all the tears, sob-stories, people crying about letting others down if it went wrong etc. made for uncomfortable viewing at times)

- No box 23 or offer button

- Take a 6, 7 or 8 week break mid-year and don't show old episodes or recent episodes disguised as "classics" during the summer break. Have the show finish for the season in mid-late July and have it return for the new season in early-mid September like i do in my series (hell, i even had the show take a 2 week break over the 2018/2019 Christmas/New Year period). This'll prevent the show from being fatigued and would give people a chance to miss the show while it's on a break

- NO ludicrous post-game handouts, except maybe small gifts in special weeks like at Christmas

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