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PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:06 am    Author: daniel123    Post subject: Rekindling a love affair with some long-obsolete games...
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The game you see in the first screenshot here is 'Beat the Broker' which first appeared on a website called around January 2006; the guy whose name is plastered across the top of the window, Kevin Lock, then sold it on eBay for a while - if I recall correctly, you paid 99p and he sent you the files. Bargain Trader indeed. The offers were weird and seemed random, the sound effects incredibly annoying, but as a first effort in the world of fan-made Deal or No Deal games, it wasn't that bad:


Another offline game I played quite often, but hadn't seen for at least ten years until I discovered it (along with Beat the Broker and a few others) on the hard drive of an ancient computer I used to have, is the one in the following image. It's called simply 'Deal or No Deal game', and it follows a similar pattern to Beat the Broker - the first offer is rather generous, but the Banker tapers off that kind spirit slightly throughout the rest of the game.


Here is another interesting version of DoND, developed by Park Productions, which incorporates a 'Challenge Mode'; from what I've gathered, you get three lives to play with, and if you win the quarter-million, you either have a life added to your tally or keep the number of lives you've got. Either way, if you don't hit the jackpot, you lose a life each time, and the aim of that game is to accrue as much money as you can with your lives. Anyhow, that's a sideshow, and the thing itself is satisfyingly quick, but Banksy is ridiculously stingy for the first few rounds, and you never really feel like you're all that involved in what's happening. Neat if you fancy passing a few minutes of boredom, though:

Next on this whistlestop tour is a game that runs only in full-screen mode, with completely random sounds to accompany you on your journey to fame and riches, and a catchy guitar tune that doesn't stop until you quit the game at the end. For offers it's surprisingly good, and it includes a squashdown at 8-box, rather than the conventional six-box. If you can stand the raucous ironic cheering from the crowd when you take out the £250,000 after turning down a £23,000 fourth offer, you'll like this game:

Then there's this quaint creation - it might have been a forum member here who came up with it, I'm not sure. Either way, it's fun -

...and one you can access at :

Aussie DoND:

...and Miljoenenjacht, the Dutch version of the game:

Ghosts of 2006 DoND lovers the world over, eat your hearts out. :-D

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