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PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:53 pm    Author: Davao    Post subject: Janelle's game

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Has anyone got her game on Youtube? I want to see what she looks like, and whether you can tell people like her or not on camera.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:25 pm    Author: JamesJMH91    Post subject: Re: Janelle's game

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As it is, the only footage we can find of her is from Pennie's game which is on YouTube. She stood between Buddy and Nick M on the east wing and was a middle-aged black lady, quite a beautiful women, but just never seemed happy

I took special notice of Janelle when watching Pennie's game which is on Youtube, and interestingly enough, there actually were reminders of CJ - Janelle seemed to get minimal camera exposure (The picture quality of the video is a little blurry and the first few minutes of the show is missing - it starts during the middle of the first round, right at the moment where Linda E reveals the £250k). Janelle didn't look too happy whenever i spotted her, but i did spot her drumming the table a couple of times when the cheers went up, and when she opened her box (it was in the fifth round, she had box 6 in revealed £750), she gave a polite but not heartfelt "All the best" comment and they only showed the bare minimum of her when she opened her box, just like they did with CJ!! :shock:

I haven't physically seen anymore of Janelle apart from a surprising screenshot of the one time she smiled in her game (It may have been when she won £5k and opened her box, according to some stuff i've read). But it sounds like she wasn't a happy person and didn't really liven things up on the wings either.

I can actually remember when Pennie used to post on here around the time she was on the show, and although Pennie never revealed anything in cold blood, she did appear to have problems with Janelle herself. One time was when a contestant made a post about nervous contestants, and when suggested that Janelle was just nervous, Pennie replied with "NO!" and went onto say that nerves weren't the problem with Janelle, but refused to reveal any further details about her - It was clear Pennie obviously didn't like Janelle :?

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